Oct 13, 2011

Tiruchendur Murugan Temple - remedy for guru dosha

   If planet Jupiter is placed in unfavourable places or debilitated, in one's astrological chart it may give some hurdles in studies, marriage, child birth, health and wealth.For those people, visiting tiruchendur murugan temple  especially during gurupeyarchi and kanda shasti will be extremely beneficial. lord muruga resides here as gnana guru.

Dakshinamoorthy is called as gnanaskantha moorthi in this temple.Because dakshinamoorthy idol is situated above tortoise,ashta nagam,ashta yanai and metha hill. on the backside of the idol, 4 vedas are in the form of 4 parrots.

Lord muruga in this temple is connected to mumoorthigal siva,brahma and vishnu.Because muruga is siva's amsam. Lord Muruga  locked up lord brahma for not expaining OM mantra's meaning and teached OM mantra's meaning to lord siva himself and killed surabadma and married mahavishnu's daughter.   

Lord muruga killed surapadma on tamil month of aipassi, on valarpirai shasti thithi  and that day is celebrated as kanda shasti. As this temple is situated near sea it is extemely beneficial for people who are facing untold difficulties.

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  1. sir,
    i want to perform pooja for child birth. which pooja & when should we do..please send the details



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